Come see updated versions of wMobile and GoldBook

Two of Our Favorite GoldMine Add-On Modules

GoldMine is a powerful CRM solution but it does not do everything. We are pleased to present this series of webinars that will show off two of our favorite and most effective GoldMine add on modules.

wMobile 2.1: Mobile and Desktop Web Client for GoldMine

GoldBook 2.0: QuickBooks Integration for GoldMine

Each webinar is only 30 minutes and will deliver live product demonstrations that illustrate why we think these are the best of the best! Sign up for these events – we will make sure it is time well spent.

If you would like your users to access your GoldMine system live from a web browser of any device, we are pleased to present the latest release of wMobile for GoldMine. wMobile delivers a complete GoldMine experience in your favorite web browser for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile or Palm. New in this release, wMobile will also automatically archive all email sent or received from any device into GoldMine.

Watch a 2 Minute Preview Video then register for our live 30 minute webinar demonstration below.

  Thur, Jan 26, 11 AM Eastern
  Thur, Feb 2, 3 PM Eastern

Do you use QuickBooks accounting for GoldMine? Well then you have to attend our webinar for GoldBook – the most complete integration between GoldMine and QuickBooks on the market today. Easily convert GoldMine contacts into QuickBooks customers or vendors, synchronize QuickBooks transactions and summary data back into GoldMine. Imagine being able to filter GoldMine contacts based on QuickBooks revenue data… now you can…
so come and see it.

Watch a 2 Minute Preview Video then register for our live 30 minute webinar demonstration below.

 Thur, Jan 26, 3 PM Eastern
 Thur, Feb 2, 11 AM Eastern
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