Introducing GMPE 2013.1.0.249 – 2013.1.0.298


  • MS Word exe is using a large amount of CPU with the GoldMine word link installed.
  • Double clicking a case in the cases tab will not bring you to the case if not listed in the 500 cases in the Service Center >> The requested case is out of view because of your filter settings, please release the filter or use the search functionality.
  • E-mails with base64 encoding not being displayed correctly in GoldMine (when using Exchange or some other mail servers).
  • 8 bit encoded text/HTML emails are coming in to GoldMine with Asian type characters or ?? in the body and header but show correctly in the online inbox view.



  • Whenever an email is replied to, if any of the recipient’s full name contains an apostrophe, all CC recipients on the reply are stripped.
  • Email received into GoldMine from Call Logix doesn’t have a message in the body of the email but has some info from the body of the email in the email headers in GoldMine.
  • Sporadically: StartIndex cannot be less than zero – when linking specific incoming or outgoing emails via Outlook Integration.



  • “Change” bar still existed after clicked “Send contact data to Outlook” hyperlink.
  • Signed in under  “LinkedIn”, GM+Views do not display login window and will sign-in, using a new Web Browser, outside of GoldMine. For Windows 7, where there is no chance of saving cookies to get into LinkedIn anymore.
  • Configuration of this site contains a serial number from a previous version of Goldmine. Please update it by entering a matching current serial number each day when a user logs onto GoldMine when synchronizing with another E-license.
  • Output to >> Excel does not populate Office 365 Excel 2013 with any information, new workbook is never opened.
  • Clicking on the Alert column to sort the list of cases in the Service Center produces an error and crashes GoldMine.
  • Entering an apostrophe (‘) in the service center search field crashes Goldmine.



  • Constant Contact integration recognizes UK format on “Date Sent” field only correctly, when the campaign was sent on or after 13th of month.
  • When merging a document through an automated process, it loops repeatedly through the fields on the merge form.
  • Contacts with a single quote (apostrophe) in their name, cause subsequent contacts not to show in E-Mail address list.
  • When adding multiple attachments to an email, GoldMine will not add the attachments listed after the one with an apostrophe in the file name.
  • When merging a document using right-click and print for this contact, loops through fields repeatedly.
  • When updating LASTNAME (LAST) field the CONTACT field is updated > for all versions below 2013.1 only the opposite way did work and this is unexpected and not documented.
  • When opening an E-mail after being processed (NOT in EDIT mode) >> opening the “Regarding” list for linking to Opportunity or Project -> The sorting of Opportunities/Projects is not intuitive (by creation date/time) and can be confusing when many records are listed.
  • Failed to execute command:  insert into {{owner}}Environment values( ‘GMFileLocation’, ”,”,”,’O’,0,’GSPDONW&(<S(W<‘ to data type small init when upgrading to GMPE 2013.1.
  • GoldMine takes focus when creating new, replying to, or opening emails in Outlook.
  • Attachments with apostrophe’s are not properly downloaded/displayed in GoldMine.
  • Email address with a single quote (apostrophe) causes subsequent email address to not show or become truncated.
  • Attaching emails from a folder with an apostrophe results in the email history object not showing attachments.
  • When putting an apostrophe in an additional contact’s name, it truncates the rest of the list of emails when adding a CC to an email.



  • Customer tries to see “All Cases” – only a random list of 500 Cases are available in the Service Center.
  • Required case is out of the view because of current filter settings.
  • GoldMine PE 2013.1 installer NOT recognizing Office 2013 32-bit installation from Office365.


Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
GoldMine Release Notes


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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