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Showing Completed Activities in the Calendar

Here’s a question I get asked from time to time:  “How do I show my completed activities when looking at my GoldMine calendar?”  A few of you might actually remember asking.  The steps are the same for all versions of GoldMine.
1.  Open the Calendar.

2.  Right-click in an area where you don’t have anything scheduled.

3.  Click the Activities… option.ShowingCompleted01

4.  On the right column, turn on the completed items you want shown.

5.  Click OK.

The completed items will show in Grey and with a STRIKETHROUGH font.


That’s all their is to it!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!

Automatically Scheduling Follow-ups

When we conduct GoldMine training, or when we have the opportunity to do a detailed Implementation & Design Meeting, we introduce our customers to all the “Best Practices”.  However, not every customer opps for training or design.  Fortunately for those, we now have our Blog.

At 180° Solutions, we subscribe to the philosophy that for most of us, 99% of all completed activities require some kind of follow-up.  We also believe that you should be “touching” your customers and prospects regularly.  Regular contact builds “top of mind awareness” for you, your company, and your products and services.  The 2nd one can be addressed through regular marketing.  But how do you help insure you schedule that next follow-up each and every time?  Well GoldMine has a solution for that.

Everytime you complete an activity, the option to schedule a follow-up is just a click away.



But I promised you “Automatic” Follow-ups, didn’t I?  Out of the box, GoldMine does not have this selected by default.  You and your users have to “remember” to click the check-box.   And if 99% of activities require a follow-up…    Here’s how to turn it on by default:

For GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 Users:
1.   From your menu select  Tools | Options
2.   Click on the Schedule tab
3.   Place a check-mark next to “Prompt to schedule a follow-up activity when completing an activity”.
3b. Place a check-mark next to “Carry over completion notes when scheduling follow-up calls”.  (optional)
4.   Click the OK button.


For Premium 8.0x, Corporate & Standard Edition Users:

You will need to modify your username.ini file in the GoldMine folder.  (in my case, the ALBERTO.ini file)
1.   Open your username.ini file
2.   Under the [GoldMine] section add the following command: Followup=1
3.   Save and Close.

GoldMine Premium 9.0 Release

For all of you who have been “chompin’ at the bit” for the release of GoldMine Premium 9.0, the wait may be over.  Recently we received notice that GMPE 9.0 is targeted to be generally available end of May / early June 2010.  If you haven’t already seen it, scroll down to our article on What’s New in PE 9 for a sneak preview.  If any of you take the plunge early, please note that v9 will not work with a v8 serial number.  We have not received word whether they will automatically be sent out or provided upon request.  We will be sure to share more details, here on the GoldMine Compass, as needed.