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The Latest Goldmine News

Introducing GMPE 2017.1

Though we are still doing our in-house testing, we have received a fair amount of questions about GoldMine 2017.1 since its release last week.  That said, it seemed like the perfect time to make our own announcement to our customers, prospects, and blog subscribers. For those of you that are using or have been thinking […]

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Displaying a Folder’s File List within the GM+View Tab

Sometime ago, we showed you how to Add a Folder Shortcut to the links tab. Adding Folder Shortcuts to the Links Tab Though that has been a popular post, I was recently asked by a customer to “one up” this entry.  They were asking me if they could display all the contents in a folder […]

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Simple Duplicate Checking

Duplicate Checking, when done right, can be a rather complicated process. What makes it complicated is determining what is truly a duplicate, and in some cases, determining how much weight to give to a computer generated “match”. GoldMine has a built-in Merge/Purge wizard, GoldBox has some powerful features, MasterMine has some techniques to prepare the […]

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The Latest AdmitGold News

Screen Enhancements to AdmitGold – Part 3

As you have seen, several of the many enhancements introduced in AdmitGold 2016 improved the overall look and feel of the screens, making it easier for users to navigate the system and find what they need.  One of the screens that received a face-lift was the Tracking tab.  Our focus was to make it easier […]

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Screen Enhancements to AdmitGold – Part 2

Though we have made improvements to all of our views, the Enhanced View, as the name implies, includes all of the changes.  We have numbered each major change in the image below to help you match them up as we explain each one individually. Comments: The Comments field is a 100-character field that allows users […]

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Screen Enhancements to AdmitGold

This will be the first in a series of posts showcasing the new enhancements to AdmitGold 2016 Higher Education Recruiting CRM.  Where applicable, as we did with the Test/NewSAT tab, we will try to also show you how to implement some of these yourselves.  However, assistance in implementing any of these is just a HelpDesk ticket […]

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