Introducing GMPE 2018.2

Our in-house testing is done and we are ready to recommend GoldMine Premium Edition 2018.2.  This version is not your typical long list of little things.  This version includes many security enhancements that we have all been waiting for.  In short, with this build GoldMine makes the shift to “secure by default”.


GoldMine Premium Edition/ GoldMine Connect

Password validation

  • Due to the added password complexity rules (explained in What’s New below), the password validation at login is case sensitive.
  • In previous versions of GoldMine, all user passwords were converted to UPPER case when saved in the database. Existing users must enter their password using UPPER case at login, otherwise, the user will not be able to log in.

WHAT’S NEW IN GOLDMINE 2018.2 (includes all 2018.1 hotfixes)

GoldMine Connect

Use of https by default

  • For new installations, GoldMine Connect will be installed to use port 443 by default
    • The https implementation requires a certificate installed on the webserver
    • If you don’t have a certificate from an external trusted authority, then you must create a self-signed certificate. Please see for more information.
  • For existing installations, there will be a redirect from http to https
    • Please note that in the case of existing installations, we use URL Rewriter to perform the redirect.  If URL Rewriter is not installed previously, then the GoldMine Connect installer will download it from the internet, which will require an internet connection, and do the installation.
    • In the case of an upgrade, if there is no certificate installed on the webserver, the admin must configure a certificate prior to the upgrade. If you don’t have a certificate from an external trusted authority, then you must create a self-signed certificate. Please see for more information.

Email Merge Code for primary and additional contact

  • Added E-mail Merge Code in Contact Record > Details section > Email address
  • Added E-mail Merge Code in Contact Record > Additional Contacts section

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook

Upgrade of Redemption library

  • The Redemption library was updated to version 5.16

Support for TLS 1.2

  • In 2018.2 version we added support for TLS 1.2, the most used cryptographic protocol
  • TLS1.2 requires SQL Server 2008 SP4 / SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 or newer

GoldMine Premium Edition


  • The Chilkat library was updated to version The following known issues in GoldMine were fixed by this library upgrade:
    • The boundary string appended to the end of Gmail emails will no longer be added
    • Emails with the charset iso-2022-jp will be properly parsed
    • Some spaces that were being added to the subject of emails will be fixed/removed (at least for HTML emails)

E-mail center encoding

  • If the “Encode E-mails using character set” value is empty in a user’s E-mail Options, GoldMine will use “utf-8” as the default character set.
  • The following charsets are fully supported in the current version:
    • UTF-8
    • ISO-8859-1
    • ISO-8859-15
  • Full support of UTF-8 in the body of the emails. Although in previous versions we could set the utf-8 as a charset we could not compose emails in some foreign languages (e.g. Arabic), but we could receive them. This issue was fixed in the current version.
  • Enabling the Dynamic Update Exchange protocol (DDE)

Open SSL upgrade

  • Open SSL library was upgraded to version 1.0.2n which is their latest LTS version
  • This version uses TLS 1.2 by default

TLS 1.2 support for database communication

  • Support for TLS 1.2, the most used cryptographic protocol, was added
  • TLS1.2 requires SQL Server 2008 SP4 / SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 or newer

Encrypted database connection

  • GoldMine uses protocol encryption and validate database server certificate by default to adhere to the “Secure by default” security principle and “Privacy by default” principle
  • A new step “Database Encryption” was added to the installer, where the user is asked if he wants to
  • validate that the database server certificate is a trusted one. The default option is Yes.
  • ▪ If a certificate was configured on the database server prior to beginning installation or upgrade
  • and that certificate is trusted, then the user should leave the default selection and press Next
  • button
  • ▪ If on the database server there is no trusted certificate configured, then the user must choose
  • No in this step, otherwise GoldMine will not be able to connect to the database after the
  • installation/upgrade is complete.

User password complexity

  • As a part of security enhancements, password complexity is in place. All defined passwords must respect the following rules:
    • Have a length of 8 characters or the length set up by the administrator in Tools | Configure | System Settings | Password Policy
    • Contain 1 uppercase character
    • Contain 1 lowercase character
    • Contain 1 digit
    • Contain 1 special character like! #@$%&/ ()? etc.
  • The password complexity is enforced by default for newly created users
  • For existing users, password complexity will not be enforced by default, but the user must enter the existing password in all UPPER case. Once the user changes the current password, the newly set password must respect the password complexity.

Administrative user changes

  • For all fresh installations of GoldMine, the user named “master” will not be created by default. A new step was added at the end of the installation process requiring the creation of a user with master rights which will have full administrative access to the application.
  • For existing installations there will be no changes to the user named Master, however, we advise that the default password be changed or to create a new user with full administrative rights and disable the default one, to strengthen the security of your application.

Addition of a read-only account for SQL Query and Filters

  • The SQL Query Editor functionality is required to be enabled from Edit Alias window and a read-only user to be set
    • A section “SQL Query” was added to Edit Alias (Tools | Databases | Alias Manager… | Edit Alias button) to enable the SQL Queries functionality and create the read-only user
    • Once the functionality is enabled, define a username and password and press the OK button to automatically create the MS SQL user with the appropriate access in the database
  • To be able to create/update Filters or Groups based on SQL Query, the SQL Query Editor functionality must be enabled and the read-only database user-defined.

Versioning of installation files

  • All .exe and .dll files created by the GoldMine application during installation are versioned
  • The version on the files are the same version you will find in Help > About GoldMine screen

File signing

  • All .exe and .dll files created by the GoldMine are signed, using SHA256 digest signature.

SQL Native Client usage as Database connector

  • SQL Native Client 11 is used as a Database Connecter starting with GoldMine 2018.2
  • If SQL Native Client 11 is not previously installed on the machine, then it will be downloaded from the internet and installed by the installer. This requires an internet connection during installation.

WHAT’S FIXED IN GOLDMINE 2018.2 (includes all 2018.1 hotfixes)

  • When will GoldMine Support TLS 1.2 for SQL?
  • Having a friendly name with a special character and a comma, the e-mail address is not parsed correctly within GoldMine GoldMine recognizes the first part of the name as an e-mail address
  • Sorry, but Microsoft Office was not installed. This document cannot be previewed when opening a Microsoft Excel file (xlsx) document from the Links tab
  • Select Table message and no successful mail merge on localized OS / localized Office
  • Contact Search Center (CSC) returns incorrect data when using AND operator and Contact (primary or additional) as further criteria
  • Outlook Com Error!, Error: PDA table was not initialized when trying to sync with Outlook
  • The added column, “GM Company” does not populate in Outlook using the full GMPlus Integration add-in for linked emails versus the GoldMine Link add in.
  • Outlook Link – immediate crash of Outlook – when connecting to GoldMine, when activating Outlook Link Add-in or if loaded already when simply starting Outlook.
  • Error when closing Outlook: GoldMine PLUS Lite for Microsoft Office has fired an exception. Click the Details to see the detailed information about the error.
  • Outlook application crash when the GoldMine link for Outlook is enabled.
  • Sporadic – ‘Link Email Failed’ Error message when trying to manually link certain emails to GoldMine
  • Regression Issue – Special characters (e.g. French) will be destroyed when saving an email template.  Also when sending such an email to a contact the special characters are gone.
  • Add New Member(s) context menu on existing contact groups does nothing.
  • Original menu item Log into HEAT was changed to Login into Ivanti – this needs either to be changed back or to removed completely as HEAT integration is officially not supported anymore since GoldMine 2014.1
  • When changing Theme from any of the new Modern themes to a different the Toolbar will disappear
  • Typo in Dialog message: In order to apply some visual changes, you must restart GoldMine instead of restart GoldMine
  • Right-click >> Complete – context menu takes up to 15 seconds to show for non-master users when looking in the activity list for a generic user who has 1500+ activities scheduled that all users pull activities from.
  • Certain characters are changed/destroyed after linking an email from Outlook Link and open it within GoldMine.
  • GoldMine Link not auto-linking Sent messages when the Sent folder is set (through Outlook settings) to the ‘online’ Sent folder instead of the local Sent (.pst)
  • Special Characters corrupted when linking Email to GoldMine from Outlook using UTF-8 encoding.
  • Linked Emails linked with the Original GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook cannot be unlinked with the new Outlook Link
  • Hyperlinks within GoldMine open in IE although Edge was set as Default browser
  • The operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed. when linking an email and then changing any property of the email (for example flag the email)
  • In opportunities we create some fields, when we’re closing a sale, the fields clear and they go back to blank.
  • Document templates for a particular machine lost the ability to be updated.
  • When attaching files to an edited email, the body changes to part of the MIME Type info, –nqp=nb64=
  • Not all additional contacts showing in GoldMine Web – GMWEB shows only a maximum of 20 Additional Contacts
  • Email Draft/Queue Issue
  • Searching Contact from Outlook Link is Very Slow – took 0 seconds in GoldMine 2017.1 versus 10-25 seconds in GoldMine 2018.1
  • Email already exists in GoldMine being erroneously reported by new Outlook add-in
  • When linking emails in Outlook with GoldMine Link installed – “Link email Failed”
  • .P7M digitally signed Emails
  • Outlook link disconnects and errors when linking new contact
  • If they re-direct a message to another user, if that user hits reply it will not be sent to the sender but rather the redirector.
  • Contact search center Error: The multi-part identifier “cs.CONTACT” could not be bound
  • Outlook GM Link – When trying to do a search to link a contact all contacts are not shown.
  • GM2018 HF2 – When replying to internal messaging that was addressed to a specific user – It goes to ALL
  • Unable to link emails to contacts with apostrophe’s in their name
  • Closed activities in a user’s calendar are showing as Private when the call was not marked as private.

Hope you find this of value! 

Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!


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