Introducing GMPE 2018.1

Our in-house testing is done and we are ready to recommend GoldMine Premium Edition 2018.1. When you open GoldMine 2018.1 for the first time the first thing you will notice is one of the new themes which is now a default, but there are much more than visual effects. As before I start with a quick summary and then all the detail.

Here’s the quick list for those of you who prefer an Executive Summary:

For All Users

  • Overall visual updates in most frequently used screens
  • Upload groups from PE to Constant Contact
  • Display more details for Constant Contact campaigns
  • See Constant Contact email on the contact record
  • Service pack including numerous Email Center updates
  • Compatibility with Office 365 & Windows 10

For GoldMine Web Users

  • New web screen configuration of sections
  • Enhanced email linking
  • User-defined security enhancements
  • Works on Android, iOS, and Windows browsers

For Users who use the Outlook Link

  • Works with Outlook 2010 and later
  • Use GoldMine as an address book in Outlook
  • New contact search capabilities for more versatile linking
  • Access GoldMine templates in Outlook
  • Link draft messages for later use

Want to see a short video instead?

Here’s the detailed list for everyone else:

WHAT’S NEW IN GOLDMINE 2018.1 (includes all 2017.1 hotfixes)

GoldMine Premium Edition

Overall visual updates
In the Tools | Options | System tab, new ability for the administrator to:

  • Change the background color scheme of the PE user interface.
  • Change font face/size used in the PE user interface.

Constant Contact integration upgrades

  • New ability to upload a group from PE and associate it to a new or existing Constant Contact email list:
    • Contacts must have an associated email address to be uploaded.
    • This functionality exists in two places—the Group Configuration screen and Constant Contact Campaigns screen.
  • New ability to display details of a Constant Contact campaign:
    • In the Constant Contact Screen of PE, double-click a specific campaign to view details such as email and click-through statistics.
  • New ability to view hyperlinks that a contact has clicked in a campaign:
    • In the History tab of a contact, select a click action. In the Preview pane, view hyperlink(s) the contact has clicked.

GoldMine Web

Web customization

  • New customization controls for the User | Settings | Contact Details area:
    • Hide/show/change order of sections:
      • Pending emails and email history: One must always be visible.
      • Other information: Details, additional contacts, opportunities, cases, links, and notes.
    • Changes are automatically saved for viewing on iOS devices as well.
  • Contact detail settings are configured per user and are saved in the LocalStorage of supported browsers (user_CustomConfig) and the database ENVIRONMENT table (new record type “W”).

Link email messages to GoldMine contacts

  • New ability to link email messages to a contact (similar in functionality to GoldMine Link):
    • Search for a contact, or create a new one, and link an email message to it.
    • Link an email message to a suggested contact.
    • Unlink an email message from a contact.
    • Relink an email message to a contact.
    • Move an email address from one contact and associate it with another contact.

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook

  • Link draft email messages to GoldMine contacts
    • New ability to link emails while composing them in the Outlook draft folder.
  • GoldMine templates for emails
    • New ability to use GoldMine PE-defined document templates within Outlook as part of the message or as an attachment.
  • Search for a contact via email address
    • The Search Contact field is now auto-populated with a contact’s email information.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements
    • New ability to view a contact in GoldMine before linking (suggested contact and search results).

WHAT’S FIXED IN GOLDMINE 2018.1 (includes all 2017.1 hotfixes)

  • When setting up email rules, a warning message states that it’s possible to carbon copy as a rule, but there is no CC or BCC rule possible.
  • GM Web graphical calendar day/dates not responsive enough on small devices; they are partly overlapping each other.
  • WebImport does not update Contact2 records when a LOOKUP.INI is in place and one of the WebImport fields is numeric (XML format).
  • Outlook Link – Being able to manually link an email when writing and then send it – like in Outlook Integration Plus via the GoldMine pane when creating an email.
  • Emails are duplicated when using retrieving emails. The middle part of the Mail ID changes itself; therefore, GoldMine cannot identify that the email is already in.
  • Only the 50 most recent campaigns at the time of retrieval into GoldMine are available on the Constant Contact tab.
  • Renaming a GM+ View template strips the HTML code from the template, causing the View to stop working.
  • HTML-formatted emails created and sent from Constant Contact are not displaying formatting properly when downloaded to GoldMine.
  • Ability to view which hyperlinks have been clicked when using the Constant Contact integration.
  • Create a new Constant Contact details window that displays the details related to the selected campaign. 253365
  • When saving an email with special characters as a draft or outbox for later editing and sending, the special characters are destroyed.
  • Using GM Outlook Link “View in GoldMine” resizes GoldMine to full screen.
  • When a username has a special character (e.g., in Danish or German) and emails are sent, the name’s special characters are destroyed.
  • Outlook Link – Having a hyperlink for View Contact only on the value and not complete row when searching for a contact record.
  • Outlook Link – Being able to search for an email address when linking an email and searching for a contact.
  • Outlook Link – When Link Email offers all contact records in a list containing any of the related email addresses (this helps when the user is in a B2B communicating to end customers
  • Outlook Link Configuration – Having a default option set and saved for adding or not adding the email address when searching for a contact record within Outlook in PE.
  • When you select a contact on the screen, it would be nice if you could double-click to link. The Link button could also be the default button so when you press Enter, it would link the contact.
  • Outlook Link – Not recognizing email addresses that don’t have a contact’s name from the record (E-mail Addresses Window > Contact’s name) and therefore auto-linking such emails fails and when manually linking getting message No Contact …
  • Server Error – An error has occurred on the server please contact your system administrator – When clicking Refine in GoldMine Connect and selecting a custom screen and selecting the field comments >> Select (any operator) …
  • History tab filter exclusion breaking corrupting user.ini FILTERCONDITION= entry.
  • Grid filters in Pending/History tab (most likely everywhere grid filters can be set) do not work consistently when the filter value has an ‘ (apostrophe).
  • When manually copying an Outlook email to GoldMine from within E-Mail Center, the special characters are changed and corrupted.
  • When replying to an email, inline images do not show in the reply and the email is changed to content type: css/text. With IE 9-11, the cursor not visible in Reference when scheduling activity.
  • Follow-up on RM 214724 – In certain cases, a customer is recognized only on replies; German characters are still destroyed.
  • When a contact name has an apostrophe and several e-mail addresses are linked to this contact record, trying to add the contact as a recipient to an email will automatically take all related email addresses instead of offering the selection dialog box.
  • GM Web – Revoked Opportunities, Activities, or Calendar rights will remove tabs in GoldMine Web (ACTIVITIES, OPPORTUNITIES, CASES) but the Home dashboard still shows My Activities, Recent Opportunities/Cases.
  • Duplicate screen tab names appear when you customize the screen tab names.
  • Unable to log into Constant Contact via GoldMine to set up or create new campaigns.
  • Even if the “Save attachments as linked documents” setting is unchecked, the new GoldMine Link for Outlook does NOT honor the setting in Tools > Options > E-Mail > More Options > Retrieval.
  • A newer version of Microsoft Outlook is needed for the plug-in to be installed. The GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook will not be installed.
  • Image attachments in emails sent from iOS devices add what appears to be header information to the attachment extension when downloaded into GoldMine.
  • API assistance request – customer getting an error – object reference not set to an instance of an object on inserting data and retrieving data via API.
  • Setting custom filters on any grids (e.g., History and Pending tabs, and most likely other grids as well) for blank values will result in inconsistent and wrong results.
  • After setting the encoding for sending an email in GoldMine, Exchange shows the proper name of the retrieved email as =?iso 8859-1?B?MQ==?=.
  • Error editing or viewing activities in GM Web – “Server error: error in activity controller action: get activity F2 metadata”
  • After creating custom tabs and then moving their position, the tab list duplicates the custom tabs created.
  • When the message ID contains an apostrophe, the email will be downloaded repeatedly.
  • Setting a filter on a tab with a lot of records (e.g., History by Contact), then sorting the results by date, will result in a blank window as no records ‘match’ the criteria.
  • Privilege errors when Outlook Link is installed, although both applications are started as the same user with the new Outlook Link.
  • Since upgrading to HF1 of the GM Link, an exception is thrown when new emails are auto-linked where this is a Link Exclusion set.
  • Expanded notes windows appear when the activity-related fields (for example CAL>REF or CONTHIST>RESULTCODE) have a context-dependent F2 Lookup, and you try and open the specific field from an activity.
  • Setting a filter (not grid filter but via Options) on a tab with a lot of records (e.g., with a certain reference) and scrolling down to get more results, the existing results will be visually duplicated repeatedly, and no real further results if a
  • GM Web – An error has occurred on the server. Please contact your system administrator when clicking the Refine button for an advanced search.
  • Provide better logging or information about possible HRESULT exception meanings, as they cannot be identified via Google.
  • The Save as Group feature within the Contact Search Center allows curtained records to be added to a group.
  • Constant Contact campaigns occasionally display as duplicated in the Campaigns grid. This can happen when 2 different users are logging into the same Constant Contact account but also in other instances.
  • Replying to email with an apostrophe and a comma in the alias will cause an error stating that the email address is not linked.
  • Build a Group contains unexpectedly curtained contact records – group building does not respect record ownership and curtaining.
  • Unable to open email attachments from Pending Email (email in the GoldMine Inbox).
  • GM Web – An error has occurred on the server. Please contact your system administrator when clicking the Refine button for an advanced search.
  • Unable to set the GMGoogleSync configuration, error when trying to access http://localhost/goldmine/configuration – Server Error in ‘Goldmine/Configuration’ application.
  • If a non-master user has the Add New option unchecked under the Access Tab of Tools | User Settings | Properties, they can’t edit a contact record in GM Web, even if they are the owner of the contact record.
  • Outlook Link – When searching for contacts, clicking the found name immediately opens GoldMine. This is inconvenient and should require a double-click.
  • Clone a primary field view in Record Types Admin. Whatever name is chosen brings up a “This name is already in use” error.
  • Special characters (e.g., French) are destroyed when saving an email template and when sending such an email to a contact.
  • Change default action when linking an email to a different contact. Currently, the default option is “YES,” but the preferred and least destructive default should be “NO.”

Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!


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