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Scheduling Activities with No End Date

As one of several enhancements introduced in GoldMine 9.0, GoldMine now gives users the ability to schedule an activity with “no end date”.  Previously, if you had a weekly sales meeting for example, you would have to schedule the recurring activity who knows how far out, and then do it again when you neared that end date.  Now there is an easier way.

Start the scheduling as usual:

1.  Schedule | Appointment
2.  Set all the basic parameters, Reference, Date, Time, etc.
3.  Click the Recurring tab
4.  Click the No end date radio button and more options will be displayed
5.  Once you’ve made your selections, click the Schedule button.

That’s all there is to it!

Want more techie stuff, keep reading.  If not, stop here.

So how does it work?  First, the number of instances initially created depends on the recurrence period:

  • for a daily or weekly activity, GoldMine will generate 1 year into the future
  • for a monthly one, 2 years
  • for a yearly activity, 5 years

Additional instances are created over time, based on a rollover period.  For the daily or weekly activities, the rollover period is 6 months. When GoldMine detects that the activity has less than 6 months worth of scheduling it will create 6 more months, automatically!  For the monthly appointments, the rollover period is 1 year.  For yearly appointments, the period is 4 years.

At the present time, these settings are hard coded.

Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!


Prioritizing Activities

Many of you use GoldMine as your “virtual memory”, using GoldMine to help us manage what you need to do and when.  This basic feature has been around since the very first PIM (Personal Information Manager).  Some of you use the calendar and others the Activities List.  For those of you who, for example, have a large volume of calls to make, there is a not-so-well-known feature in GoldMine that lets you prioritize your calls by its “level of importance”.

When you schedule a basic activity, such as a call, you can place a letter in the Time field.  When you do so, GoldMine changes the label of the field to Priority.

Now you can organize your calls by level of importance.  For example, your A priority calls can be your HOT leads, your B=Warm, C=Cold, and so on.

That’s all there is to it.
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!


Scheduling a call to a Filter/Group

So you’ve just bought a new list, returned from a trade-show, or rolled out a new product line and you’ve got LOTS of calls to make. How do you schedule all those calls you ask?

For PE users running 8.5.1 or later
1.  Schedule | Call
2.  Complete the Reference line and any Notes
3.  In the Detail tab, click the magnifying glass button to the right of the contact name
4.  Choose “Select filter or group…


5.  Select the Filter or Group from the list
6.  Click on the Users tab if you want to split up the calls between users
7.  Click on the Series tab to schedule at different times, max per day or duration, etc.
8.  Click the Schedule button

If you chose multiple users, GoldMine will schedule in rotation until all contacts have a call scheduled.

For SE, CE, or earlier version of PE

1. Schedule | Call
2. Complete the Reference line and any Notes
3. Click on the Filter/Group tab
4. Place a checkmark next to “Schedule to a group of contacts


5.  Select the Filter or Group from the list
6.  Make any changes you wish to schedule at different times, Activities per day, etc.
7.  Click on the Users tab if you want to split up the calls between users
8.  Click the Schedule button


That’s all there is to it.  Happy GoldMining!



Showing Completed Activities in the Calendar

Here’s a question I get asked from time to time:  “How do I show my completed activities when looking at my GoldMine calendar?”  A few of you might actually remember asking.  The steps are the same for all versions of GoldMine.
1.  Open the Calendar.

2.  Right-click in an area where you don’t have anything scheduled.

3.  Click the Activities… option.ShowingCompleted01

4.  On the right column, turn on the completed items you want shown.

5.  Click OK.

The completed items will show in Grey and with a STRIKETHROUGH font.


That’s all their is to it!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!

Automatically Scheduling Follow-ups

When we conduct GoldMine training, or when we have the opportunity to do a detailed Implementation & Design Meeting, we introduce our customers to all the “Best Practices”.  However, not every customer opps for training or design.  Fortunately for those, we now have our Blog.

At 180° Solutions, we subscribe to the philosophy that for most of us, 99% of all completed activities require some kind of follow-up.  We also believe that you should be “touching” your customers and prospects regularly.  Regular contact builds “top of mind awareness” for you, your company, and your products and services.  The 2nd one can be addressed through regular marketing.  But how do you help insure you schedule that next follow-up each and every time?  Well GoldMine has a solution for that.

Everytime you complete an activity, the option to schedule a follow-up is just a click away.



But I promised you “Automatic” Follow-ups, didn’t I?  Out of the box, GoldMine does not have this selected by default.  You and your users have to “remember” to click the check-box.   And if 99% of activities require a follow-up…    Here’s how to turn it on by default:

For GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 Users:
1.   From your menu select  Tools | Options
2.   Click on the Schedule tab
3.   Place a check-mark next to “Prompt to schedule a follow-up activity when completing an activity”.
3b. Place a check-mark next to “Carry over completion notes when scheduling follow-up calls”.  (optional)
4.   Click the OK button.


For Premium 8.0x, Corporate & Standard Edition Users:

You will need to modify your username.ini file in the GoldMine folder.  (in my case, the ALBERTO.ini file)
1.   Open your username.ini file
2.   Under the [GoldMine] section add the following command: Followup=1
3.   Save and Close.