Introducing GMPE 2020.1

Introducing GMPE 2020.1

We have now done enough in-house testing, while also coordinating with several other GoldMine partners, and we are ready to recommend GoldMine Premium Edition 2020.1.  The most significant feature in this version is the introduction of OAuth2 authentication for email accounts.  This was predicated by an announcement by both Microsoft and Google sometime last year, that they would discontinue support for Less Secure / Third Party apps that did not adopt a certain level of security.

These changes were significant enough that, for the first time in 6 years, GoldMine is requiring re-serialization for all users.  Only active customers, current on maintenance, with valid Support Portal credentials, will be able to request a new license for 2020.1.

Now, without further ado, here’s the detailed list of what’s included in 2020.1:

WHAT’S NEW IN GOLDMINE 2020.1 (includes all functionality added after 2019.1.0)

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • Auth2 authentication for email accounts
    • The changes apply to Gmail, GSuite, and Office365 Work or School accounts (new or existing accounts).
    • The setting in Options | Email tab | Accounts… button, needs to be set to OAUTH2 for each account sending or retrieving emails from GoldMine.
    • While attempting to make the connection the user will need to grant access to the mailbox specified, otherwise, the functionality will not work.

If you are running an earlier limited release version of GoldMine Premium 2020.1 it is necessary for you to Disconnect and then Connect any previously configured email accounts utilizing OAUTH.

  • Email address and Mobile phone (FAX field) are now displayed on Contact Record > Additional Contact tab list view.

WHAT’S CHANGED IN GOLDMINE 2020.1 (includes all functionality added after 2019.1.0)

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • License number update
    • The license version is updated from 94 to 95.
    • Make sure to acquire the new license file before starting the upgrade.

In order for campaigns to sort correctly by Date Sent in Go To | Campaigns | Constant Contact Campaigns, ensure that Control Panel > Change date, time or number formats > Administrative tab > Current language for non-Unicode programs matches the Format set on the Formats tab on all machines.

WHAT’S FIXED IN GOLDMINE 2020.1 (includes all issues that were addressed after 2019.1)

  • Invalid object name ‘NOTES’ when you have the column ‘Notes’ in the Contact search center and you open a different Database than the one with the notes table in it.
  • When creating a contact record and adding an email address via the E-mail Addresses dialog the lookup list for the Email merge field is wrong and instead from the normal merge code field.
  • Forwarding emails with multiple attachments do not include any attachments after an attachment name with an apostrophe in it.
  • Error message when first trying to use Softphone…. Softphone cannot be loaded.
  • If a field contains an apostrophe, a ‘ (single quote) or double (”) in the label >> subsequent fields cannot be selected anymore in Column Selection of Contact Search Center and GoldMine crashes when the field is selected.
  • The delete button cannot be disabled in cases.
  • Unlinked activities appear in the Daily Daytimer detailed report shows as linked activities – the contact information is filled with a contact name from other linked activities.
  • Duplicate first name appearing in the contact field after Outlook Sync.
  • Websites over 40 characters and that have multi-line notes, when the website is edited notes on line 2 and after are deleted.
  • Fax attachments are stripped from GoldMine emails.
  • Drafted emails, removing HTML/Rich text, will remove also all line breaks (regression to 2017.1.0.422 and also 2016.1.0.188).
  • Cannot change Alarm option in the user preferences from Pop-up to Task-bar notification.
  • From address changes to primary email address after a reply.
  • Subject line in email cuts off after 87 characters.
  • Contact Search Center – Name (additional) is the Search by field and error message when column is added or not displayed in CSC when Search By column is used.
  • NEW emails: Foreign characters are destroyed when using field macros in email templates.
  • Selecting the Printer icon at the top of an open case, the report that is generated shows no History Activity value and is missing the Pending Activities.
  • Forwarding a sent email linked with Outlook Link within GoldMine >> The date/time of the forwarded email REFERENCE (the prior send of the email) is changed to the current date/time.
  • When you add Name (additional) as a further criteria in the Contact Search Center (CSC) an error appears The multi-part identifier “cs.RECID” could not be bound.
  • Constant Contact >> New Email List dialog has a typo and misleading information about mapping and no other user’s groups can be selected, although this works from contact groups.
  • After changing the Activity Type for an Automated Process (AP) in Perform Actions >> Create History >> Options >> Activity Type the original selected Activity is still recorded.
  • Sending emails with images will occasionally cause the filename to be changed from image.png to image..png, breaking the image.
  • Constant Contact will not include some records if the list data contains NULL CONTUPP ADDRESS1 field.
  • Website field of a Contact Record will not allow a trailing hyphen; the hyphen is removed on save.
  • Multi-User activity against an additional contact will change on the receiving site to an activity scheduled against the primary contact record.
  • GoldMine exported calendar .ics file does not contain a hyphen for the “VALARM:TRIGGER”.
  • Date sent on Constant Contact Campaigns are not sorting correctly when the system is set to a non-US English date format (only campaigns after the 13th of the month are then recognized correctly).
  • Sending an Encrypted email using Digital ID to a contact record, where the certificate was imported >> The authenticity of the ‘Public Key’ portion of the recipient’s certificate cannot be verified.
  • With GoldMine Link for Outlook enabled, Outlook uses 3x the CPU that it uses with the add-in disabled.
  • FRESH installation of GoldMine Premium causes the following error: File NOT found: C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine\OnlineHelp\default.htm.
  • GoldMine crashing when opening an email with updated meeting information.
  • Constant Contact shortens the Reference + (oc:) information to 70 characters which results in wrong Contact information displayed in the History if not the full name could be saved.
  • Could not log into GoldMine Incorrect Password! – Your Password does NOT meet the Security Policy when logging on with a proper and meeting the security requirements password or changing it.
  • Additional contacts tab does not display additional contacts when opening from the Contact Search center and already looking at the additional contacts tab.
  • Contact Search Center does not display additional contact’s name when Name(additional) is NOT a column and Search By column is used.
  • When E-mail column is added in Contact Search Center and the Search by field is set to to Name (additional) an error appears The multi-part identifier “cs_em.CONTSUPREF” could not be bound.
  • Additional Contacts tab column names need to respect the AddContactFaxLabel GM.INI file setting.
  • When there are email addresses with LINKACCT is NULL, newly created additional contact records are not displayed if they don’t have an email address.
  • When there are email addresses of additional contact records with ADDRESS1 is NULL, the email address for additional contact records is not displayed in the Additional Contacts tab.
  • The shortcut switch /m:8xx for starting a macro does not work anymore, macro recording and execution do not work at all anymore as if the feature is gone.
  • Event log error: The multi-part identifier “CS.ACCOUNTNO” could not be bound.
  • Google (and Microsoft) announced to turn off Less Secure Apps use and requires OAUTH only in future – Customers are concerned they cannot use GoldMine Email client anymore.
  • When an Accountno has an apostrophe, no additional Contacts are displayed neither existing nor newly created ones, although they are in the database.
  • GoldMine ignores the time zone in meeting request from Outlook (this was fixed as problem 65374).
  • GoldMine Email Center – When a user sends an email, the recipients receives ‘ ‘ in the body of the email.
  • Uber Service ICS file import is causing Goldmine to crash.
  • Zoom .ics file cannot be parsed by GoldMine.
  • Contact Search Center – Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘FROM’ when trying to sort by E-mail address.
  • Holidays planned/imported over several days will display correctly on the weekly calendar but only the first and the last instance on the daily calendar.
  • Search results in contact search center will not include the email address of contact record when list data contains NULL CONTSUPP ADDRESS1 field.
  • GoldMine Connect 2019.1.3.56278: Copyright information shows 2019 instead of 2020.
  • GoldMine Email Center will not allow the user to change the SMTP port numbers.
  • GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook – Settings: About, General, and Outlook Folders corrections, e.g. Copyright and typos.
  • Adding several email accounts with E-mail Center >> Account Properties and then adding further Accounts also will lose the first (default account).
  • Extra carriage returns added, unexpected font changes, smaller font in the original message, and hotkeys display incomplete submenus when composing or replying to emails.
  • Plain text notes display HTML tags; tags are included when performing a spell check.
  • GoldMine OAUTH setup with Microsoft Business disconnects multiple times a day and needs to be reconnected.

Hope you find this of value! 

Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!


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