Announcing wMobile 3

Although wMobile 3 has been out for several weeks now, as with most new product releases, we prefer to test them ourselves for a little while before given them our blessing.  We can wholeheartedly say, wMobile 3 is ready for all.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with wMobile, it provides access to GoldMine via your phone, tablet, MAC or PC via your Internet browser… all LIVE!  Imagine simply pulling out your phone to lookup a contact, check history, lookup details, or even open linked documents.  Perform many GoldMine functions, including sending and receiving e-mail just as if you were at your desk with GoldMine open.

The following list includes updates through 3.01.161


  • wMobile 3.0 has been updated to support the latest Microsoft standards and platforms.
  • wMobile now supports the latest .NET 4.0 framework.
  • wMobile installers have been updated to be more intelligent about the web server environment the application is going into.
  • wMobile continues to support all BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm devices.
  • wMobile now supports Conditional Lookups.
  • Support for Unicode Database Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc)  This is especially important for customers processing email in these languages.


  • Support for username/userfullname/date/time in GMViews
  • Support for service cases to mimic GoldMine functionality
  • Field Tabs Security Support
  • Record Type Support
  • Service Center customizations of tab names match customizations made in GoldMine


  • Support for service cases to mimic GoldMine functionality

wMobile Diagnostic Tool

  • Provides auto repair functionality of common installation problems such as services not running, minor database structure problems, ASP.NET registration issues and database compatibility settings in SQL server



wMobile Desktop

  • All screens use new Lookup control with suggestion as you type.
  • Support for Clone Contact.
  • Opportunities improvements: opportunity list filter and record ownership adjustments.
  • Email Improvements: better theme integration with Email Center. Reviewed the email list and adjusted the columns.

wMobile Phone

  • Ability to customize most of the wMobile Phone screens: change labels or show/hide fields
  • Quick Search fields are configurable per user.
  • Opportunity Screens improvements: added real time calculation for amount, added product list in opportunity list etc
  • Email Improvements: changed email account page.

Manager Console

  • Support for settings editing in Manager Console (System and Default User Options, Ability to view, edit and read system settings documentation).
  • Change wMobile/GoldMine database used by wMobile.


  • Signed wMobile Installers


wMobile Desktop
Alarm Screen

  • An invalid time in ‘ONTIME’ column caused a crash in wMobile.
  • Some case fields were not updated properly on edits.
  • Email and website address was not editable in recent dialog box change
  • Drag and Drop email to GoldMine folder fails
  • Add support for view specific field labels when creating filters

wMobile Phone

  • The lookup contact screen buttons and generally any link button were not working on BlackBerry OS 5.
  • Contact List View: Issues with Clicking Email Address. If the ‘Email Client’ setting was set to ‘Device’, then wMobile would have taken you to your device email client – but instead it was redirecting to its internal email client.
  • Warning on mobile contact screen that contact is not geocoded
  • Zoom Level: not working on iPads and iPhones.
  • wMobile was unable to calculate turn by turn directions for addresses in two different countries such as USA and Canada.
  • Map directions from office not working.

Manager Console

  • Email Fetcher Activity screen used to increase CPU and memory usage while running; especially on slower computers.
  • Change Database writes wrong password in the regs.

wMobile Diagnostic

  • Tool did not recognize mail fetcher port settings designated in registry.

Common Fixes

  • There was a problem with the dollar character ($) in Detail Type key.
  • If RFC822 was larger than 8000 characters, there was a problem inserting the data into the MAILBOX table.
  • Support for delayed start of wMobile services to account for slow initialization of Microsoft SQL server in some instances.
  • In some cases, email de-duplication service was not reliable due to GoldMine’s Mailref field.
  • In some cases replied and forward email was not filed to contact history.
  • In some cases CONTSUPP record creation date stored in CONSUPP.CITY was not correctly parsed by wMobile.
  • wMobile did not properly account for field lookup settings such as Allow Blank Input and Force Valid Input
  • wMobile did not properly handle lookup values containing semi colon (multiple lookup) and // lookup descriptors
  • Filters on custom detail tabs did not work
  • Problems with sending emails when escalating or resolving service cases
  • In email centers, selected email folder would not save / stick between user login sessions.
  • Not all Opportunities are being displayed.
  • Support for hh:mmt time format in details.

Crystal Reports

  • Images were not displaying in Crystal Reports run from wMobile due to a mis-mapping of the IIS aspnet_client folder.

Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
wMobile Release Notes


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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