Introducing GoldSMS

Though this product has been on the market for several years now, this is our first of what will likely be several blog posts announcing this product.  Having implemented at several customer sites over the last year and seeing very good results, introducing it here was long overdue.

For 99% of you, scheduling and completing Appointments, Calls, Next Actions, etc., is second nature.  And, for those using the GoldMine e-mail client or the GoldMine Integration with Microsoft Outlook, having all your e-mail correspondence also available, alongside those activities in the History tab, is priceless.  But what about those of you that also engage in texting with your contacts?  That’s where GoldSMS comes in.  GoldSMS is an add-on that facilitates “True SMS texting” directly through GoldMine.  GoldSMS allows for:

1-to-1 Texting
Sending a text to a contact or to one of your staff regarding a contact.

Scheduled Texting
Scheduling a text to go out on a future date/time.

Group Texting
Sending a text to a group/filter of contacts in GoldMine.

Texting via Automated Processes
Automatically send out a text when some database trigger occurs.


As mentioned before, among a long list of benefits related to texting in general, the benefits of texting from GoldMine are that the texting history is automatically linked to the contact record.  Moreover, in-bound text replies from your contacts are linked and logged in GoldMine as well.

This is accomplished by using a private number; think of it as the “corporate text number.” Your contacts will see that messages are coming from this number.  When they respond, their messages are retrieved directly into GoldMine.

Look for more details on GoldSMS in future posts.


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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