What’s New in wMobile 1.8

Though there have been earlier versions of wMobile, this is our first notice of enhancements.  For those of you who haven’t seen wMobile before, please feel free to contact us directly for a demo.  If you are already familiar with wMobile, using it, or waiting for a feature, check out all the new enhancements recently added.

Monthly, Weekly and Daily Graphical Calendars for any user
wMobile adds three new main menu options for various calendar formats to the main application menu:  Monthly Calendar View, Weekly Calendar View and the Daily Calendar View

  • Daily and weekly graphical calendar for any GoldMine user
    (default current logged in user)
  • New appointments can be scheduled directly on the calendar for any user.
    (just click a time hyperlink)
  • Existing activities can be viewed, edited and deleted

Detailed Calendar Display User Preferences
User can adjust detailed preferences on calendar function:

  • Colors of activities and labels
  • Day start and end
  • Time section size (15, 30, 60 minutes)
  • Alarm on new activities by default
  • Working days
  • View scheduled activity types
  • View completed activity types

Activity Scheduling from Calendar Views

  • Search for contact to schedule
  • Enter activity details
  • Press Schedule New Activity menu option or press hyperlinked time label on daily and weekly calendars

Event Activity Type Scheduling Support

  • New support for single or multi-day Event activity type
  • Events display as days with designated color background on monthly calendar and before start of day on weekly and daily calendar

International Regional User Settings

  • Date formats support day-month or month-day
  • Time formats support AM-PM or 24 hour clock format
  • Currency supports USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, YEN, etc.
  • Distance units support Miles or Kilometers
  • New support for user preferences for date, time, currency type, currency formatting and distance units

Time Zone Translation Support

  • New support for converting scheduled activity time for users local time zones
  • Activities are entered into GoldMine as local server time but displayed in wMobile converted to each users specified local time zone

Many Minor Updates

  • Carry over notes in scheduled follow-up
  • Ability to delete scheduled activities
  • Ability to copy additional contacts to local address book
  • Add File Email to GoldMine Inbox
  • Various Speed Improvements
  • Installer and Update Enhancements

Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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