What’s New in wMobile 1.9

It’s been some time since we saw a major release of wMobile but I am sure you won’t be disappointed.  Keep reading and see what’s new in wMobile 1.9.

Full GoldMine Detail Support has been added to wMobile.

  • View, Edit, Add or Delete Details to records.
  • View, Edit, Add or Delete Detail types (MASTER users only)

Linked Documents
wMobile now includes a list of all the files on the ‘Links’ tab in GoldMine. Download and open files* linked to records.

Scheduling Activities for Multiple GoldMine Users
wMobile adds a new ‘Users’ tab to the ‘Schedule Activity screen.

  • When Scheduling an Activity, click the ‘Users’ tab to select multiple users.

Support for Duplicate Record Search when Creating Contacts

Sending E-mail to GoldMine Users without an E-mail Address
By popular demand, wMobile will now send ‘Internal’ GoldMine messages to GoldMine users without an e-mail address.

  • When creating a new message, all the GoldMine user’s will appear in the list of recipients. Select a GoldMine user and click Add.

Forwarding E-mail Attachments
Also by popular demand, wMobile now has the ability to forward e-mail attachments.

  • When forwarding a message, a new section below the recipient provides to ability to optionally include the attachments of the forwarded message.

Navigation Enhancements
We’ve added several navigation and viewing enhancements to the following pages:

Contact Details

  • The overall layout has been cleaned up so that viewing and editing Pending, History, etc. is grouped together.
  • Additional Contacts, Details, Links and Fields screens have been converted into drop down boxes to make the screen shorter.
  • wMobile counts the total number of items in each list and also counts the number of each type in the each list. This makes it easier for wMobile users to filter their selection based on the available items. For example, users can filter the Detail list to display only the selected Detail type.
  • When Scheduling an Activity, click the ‘Users’ tab to select multiple users.
  • When navigating to a list of Activities, Details, etc. a new link to the primary contact record at the top of the page has been added in addition to the link that already exists at the bottom of the page.


  • The layout of the viewing page as been reformatted for better viewing.
  • The contact name on the activity is hyperlinked to allow faster navigation.
  • When viewing a list of multiple activities, users will have previous and next buttons that prevent users from having to return to the list and select the next activity.

Administrative Password Lockout

  • Administrators can now have wMobile automatically lockout a wMobile Login if a configurable number of failed logins.

Many Minor Updates

  • Various Device Support Improvements
  • Various Speed Improvements
  • Installer and Update Enhancements

*In order to download and view linked files or e-mail attachments, the device must opening the file type.

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Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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