What’s New in GoldMine 9.0

You may have already heard the chatter, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 will soon be released.  Right now the rough window is mid-May… though that can easily change.  However, as we do with any new version from any vendor, it will likely be another 30-90 days after it’s released before we put our own stamp of approval on it.  That said, what we have seen so far has us “chompin’ at the bit” for this new release.  Here’s a little taste to get you equally excited.

Complete CRM Dashboards

A complete set of CRM Interactive Dashboards are now included in GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.  You will have the ability to view all your CRM processes, in REAL-TIME, using an easy-to-use graphical or grid interface.  Additionally, it includes a set of configurable dashboard tools to edit or enhance any dashboard provided in GMPE 9.0.  You will be able to run dashboards for opportunities, campaigns, cases or any GoldMine activity.



Enhanced Microsoft Outlook Integration

GoldMine has been providing out of the box integration with Microsoft Outlook for many years.  GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 takes the integration to a whole new level.  Version 9 provides a real-time preview of GoldMine information directly from Outlook without having to switch back and forth between the two applications.  GoldMine information is not only viewable from Outlook, but users can drill down into that GoldMine record for edits or further business follow-up without ever leaving Outlook.  This quick, detailed view gives you access to important record information such as contact details, pending or historic activities.  It also enables greater knowledge and quicker response time from users to clients.



Smartphone Capabilities

If your using your Smartphones as a mobile business tool, GMPE 9.0’s Outlook Integration enhancements, coupled with existing tools that synchronize calendars between Outlook and smartphones, you can more easily see key contact information when viewing an appointment on their smartphones. (look for a more detailed article coming soon to the GoldMine Compass)  In addition, email notifications sent within GoldMine for events such as case assignments can now be delivered directly to your corporate email account, to be viewed on your phone for immediate action.


New Administration Capabilities

GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 contains multiple administration improvements such as enhanced unattended installation, password policy enhancements and better all around performance.


More Compatibility

GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 will now support:

Windows 7
Server 2008
Office 2007 & 2010 (later)
and both 32 & 64bit Operating Systems

Look for more from us later!


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