Introducing GMPE 9.0


Get ready to start scrolling because that latest version of GoldMine is released and ready-to-rock!!  If you have been enjoying GoldMine 8.0 and 8.5 so far, then you will really enjoy GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.  Come check out what GoldMine has included in this new version.


Operating System Compatibility
Windows 7 is now supported, both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Windows Server 2008 R2 is now supported.

provide a real-time, graphical, and interactive view into key business processes.  GoldMine Premium Edition includes eight standard dashboards and also provides a Dashboard Designer for administrators to create additional dashboards, representing data in GoldMine or in other databases.  Please see the GoldMine documentation for details.

Outlook Integration
Outlook integration includes several major enhancements in this release.

  • New GoldMine panes in Outlook show related contact information.  Administrators can configure the display to select the fields and layout to be shown in Outlook.
  • E-mails can be linked to contacts, opportunities, projects, and cases from Outlook.
  • Automatic linking for messages sent and received in Outlook, with the ability to prompt the user to find or create a contact if there is no matching e-mail address in GoldMine.
  • Centralized administration for Outlook synchronization enables administrators to set synchronization settings and schedules for GoldMine users.
  • Support for recurring activities when synchronizing with Outlook
  • Option to automatically link attachments without prompting the user.  In Outlook, go to Setup GoldMine Plus > Options > Use GoldMine attachment handling settings.  This option will apply the Existing Attachment Default Action that is established here in GoldMine:  Tools > Options > E-mail > More Options > Advanced.
  • One-Button Synchronization Profiles can be applied without using the GoldMine internal e-mail client.  To update a profile when using Outlook for e-mail, save the profile attachment from the e-mail in Outlook, open GoldMine, go to Tools > Synchronize > Synchronization Settings, browse to the file, and click Update.
  • Outlook can be used for composing messages when clicking the E-mail hyperlink in GoldMine.  Go to Tools > Options > E-mail and click Use Outlook for linked e-mail addresses.
  • Improved usability in Outlook when re-linking an e-mail message to a different contact
  • A new navigation pane in Outlook displays clickable links to recently viewed items in GoldMine, to make it easier to switch between applications.
  • An option to include the contact’s address in the subject that appears in Outlook after synchronizing calendar items.  Go to Tools > Configure > Outlook Integration Settings > Sychronization > Set Up… > Next > Advanced and check Add contact’s address to subject.

GoldMine includes native support for Microsoft SQL Server Express instead of the Firebird database.  Firebird is no longer a supported database in GoldMine Premium Edition.  During the upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition 9, a default Firebird database will automatically be rehosted to Microsoft SQL Server.  After the upgrade, GoldMine will rehost any other Firebird database if a user attempts to open it.

GoldMine now supports unattended installation for undocked users and environments with multiple GoldMine configurations.  Go to Tools > Configure > System Settings > Script for Unattended Installation and select the type of configuration to install, and fill in the fields shown.  Then click Create to generate .ini and .bat files that are used, along with gmsetup.exe, to install GoldMine without requiring a user to click through the installation wizard.  Please read the GoldMine Install Guide for more information about unattended installation.

New options for password policy are included.  Administrators can set the following policies at Tools > Configure > System Settings > Password Policy:
Minimum password length
Block accounts after three invalid login attempts
New password cannot repeat any previous password, up to a specified number of previous passwords

GoldMine now provides a master list of all field label names and database names, to facilitate data import and export.  Go to Tools > Configure > Record Types and click All Fields in the left panel.  A list of all contact database fields and labels will be shown, for view or export to Excel.


The options shown in the “Search By” list in the Contact Search Center can be reduced to improve usability.  Go to Tools > Options > Lookup > More Options and check the boxes corresponding to fields you want to use for searching in the Contact Search Center.

Last Name is now an option in the Search List drop-down in the Contact List, to simplify searching for a contact by last name.

The Search List selection in the Contact List is now retained between sessions, so your preferred method of searching is kept automatically.

When the SQL Query Editor is used in the Contact Search Center, GoldMine now shows a clear error message to the user if the SQL syntax is incorrect.

For improved auditing, archiving, and smartphone access to messages generated within GoldMine, there is a new option to force all e-mail sent to a user to go through the mail server.  To enable or change this setting, go to Tools > Users’ Settings > Properties > Choose how to deliver e-mail messages to this user

GoldMine now automatically repairs corrupted e-mail records, rather than displaying a “Cal record for this e-mail is missing” message as in previous versions.

With the ClearTLogByDelFilter setting customers can control whether to delete TLog records when applying a deletion filter during synchronization.  This setting is placed in the [GoldSync] section of the GoldSync.ini file.

  • To delete TLog records (default):  ClearTLogByDelFilter =1
  • To retain TLog records:  ClearTLogByDelFilter=0

GoldMine now provides the option to add or remove users and contacts from an existing activity.  To use this feature, edit an existing activity and select the Contacts tab or Users tab to make changes.

GoldMine now provides the ability to schedule recurring activities with no end date.  When this option is used, GoldMine will add a number specific instance of activities corresponding to the recurring activity, and then continue to add more over time to keep calendars booked appropriately.

The Preview Pane in the Activity List now includes a hyperlink to navigate to the contact record related to the selected activity.

With the EditWhenDblClick setting customers can choose what happens when they double-click on a calendar item.  This setting is placed in the [CalObj] section of the <username>.ini file.

  • To open the activity (default):  EditWhenDblClick=1
  • To open the contact record:  EditWhenDblClick=0

Customer Service
Column and Tab Selection in Case Management is now applied only to the logged-in user, not changed globally.  Other customizations, as shown on the Labels and Options tabs, are now read-only for users without Master Rights.

Case Tasks now have a lookup list available to make task names more consistent and easier to enter.

Marketing Campaigns
Marketing campaigns now include the ability to add a contact group or filter to an existing campaign.  Select a campaign, click Assign Contacts, then select Link All Group/Filter Contacts.



  • Performance issues when browsing through e-mails in Outlook
  • Contact2 data does not print for non-master users when merging with template
  • Upgraded HTML notes appear as text with exposed HTML tags
  • Outlook becomes non-responsive for several seconds when moving an e-mail message from one folder to another
  • Cannot link Outlook e-mails to curtained contact records owned by a user group with long name
  • While linking an e-mail to a contact record, Outlook is not responsive for 6-10 seconds
  • Only one instance of Outlook sync can be started when running via Terminal Services
  • Activities for today are not shown on Sales User Dashboard
  • E-mail server Communication Timeout cannot be higher than 30 seconds



  • Selecting different filters on the Filters tab may cause erroneous filter name to be displayed
  • When all opportunities are shown in the opportunity manager, the pipeline chart only shows opportunities owned by a single user
  • GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Word shows error message when several standard users are working in Windows 2008 Terminal Services
  • Cannot set GoldMine as default e-mail client on Windows 7
  • GoldMine Address Book not available for selection after installation due to buffer overflow
  • From: address is incorrect in a redirected e-mail
  • “Look-up a replacement value in lookup.ini” is grayed out for Update Field action in Automated Process options
  • When select 5 hours in graphical calendar, the scheduled activity defaults to 5 minutes
  • Lookup list for Code field is different when creating a Project from when editing a Project
  • Application error when changing to non-default Status value while closing lost Opportunity
  • Opening the case management module is slow when you have a lot of cases in the database
  • Link to opportunity or project is broken when sending an e-mail message
  • E-mail created from Opportunity/Project Manager Influencer/Contacts tab has empty Regarding field
  • When editing multiple extended details in succession GoldMine will edit the last detail and not the current one highlighted
  • Performance issue when browsing through records after selecting first record from Contact Search Center
  • Regarding: field in e-mail window shows items sorted by creation date, not alphabetically
  • ‘Font increase’ and ‘Font decrease’ buttons work only after the font is manually changed using ‘Font’ button
  • Incorrect results in Contact Search Center if no Contact2 column is shown when applying a power search filter with Contact2 fields
  • User speller file is not generated correctly
  • Resolved Date for cases does not synchronize back to server if case was created on remote system and previously synchronized to server
  • Cannot add a contact with empty Company field to a case
  • Error when opening e-mail from sender with apostrophe in e-mail address
  • When performing a two-way sync with Outlook, some calendar items become unlinked from contacts in GoldMine
  • Upgraded opportunities not displayed when selecting a user group in the Manager dropdown
  • The drop-down list for Manager in the opportunity detail view does not include user groups
  • User and Date are not populated in ‘Assigned Cases by User’ report
  • Create Unicode Database option is enabled during upgrade but has no effect
  • Copy current record takes wrong current record information when auto-retrieval in background is active
  • When a new user logs in for the first time, Case tab names are reset to default settings
  • the f2 lookup for product in a new opportunity shows incorrectly if the product field has cross-field validation in the forecasted sale dialog
  • E-mail address for additional contact gets deleted from database when record is opened by user associated with recid ending in a space
  • Reference column is too narrow in task list on calendar
  • Preview pane in Opportunity History tab does not display e-mails
  • Activities occurring on the same date in Case History are displayed in incorrect order after sorting by date
  • “Auto name assignment” setting for attachments in GoldMine is not applied when forwarding e-mail in Outlook
  • Incorrect labels shown in preview pane for completed Case Task
  • GMAPI call MenuCommand produces “Access Denied” status
  • Opportunity Forecast field does not refresh when adding sales line items
  • Number of units and price are not visible in Opportunity detail view after closing Opportunity
  • Extended detail tabs do not sort in date order correctly
  • When adding a Competitor to an Opportunity, the Select button adds the first Competitor from the lookup list
  • Unlinked phone message does not save the Contact name entered
  • F2 lookup for Product field varies, depending on where the field is accessed
  • Switching from Fields tab to Summary tab causes incorrect editable fields to appear
  • There is no vertical scroll bar for Tasks in Opportunities or Projects
  • Users without master rights cannot see cases associated to curtained contact records owned by a group of which user is member
  • HTML e-mail font changes when clicking in the top left of the e-mail body
  • Cannot link messages to additional contacts in Outlook
  • EditWhenDblClick setting produces inconsistent results when double-clicking on an activity
  • Font is set to Times New Roman 3 while composing new e-mail from HTML template
  • ‘Remember lookup by’ option does not retain ‘contact (primary and additional)’ selection after closing contact search center
  • When E-mail Center is opened, keyboard focus is on the folder tree rather than the message list
  • Changes made to tabs of master users do not remain static
  • User column in History contains wrong value when overriding required field entry
  • ‘Send Outlook Message’ defaults always to Plain Text format if a default template exists in GoldMine
  • Changes made to maximized Case Description field do not save
  • E-mail fields [subject, date, linked to, from] occasionally disappearing when opening e-mails linked from Outlook
  • Only one instance of a recurring GoldMine appointment syncs into Outlook
  • Time Clock sorts dates numerically, not chronologically
  • Contact Search Center does not display more than two decimal places for a numeric field
  • Main Dictionary Language does not have a default value
  • Only one case is included in service report when run for current contact only
  • Ctrl + C does not copy highlighted text on Pending or History preview pane
  • Incorrect results in contact search center with Power Search using filters
  • Cannot use tab key to select field displayed off screen in Fields tab
  • Last Attempt is only updated by an unsuccessful call or message, not any other activity
  • Revoked menu items are still visible for GoldMine user
  • revoking ALL rights and almost all menus from a User still allows User to change / create Relationships and set access options
  • Inconsistent retention of Show field between Activity List sessions
  • Notes field from extended details are not displayed on reports
  • GoldMine macro in e-mail subject line pulls data from active contact instead of merged contact if filter/group is selected before template
  • When replying to an e-mail with spell checking disabled, double-clicking the Send button causes application error
  • Non-Master users see non-functional menu items for features that are only available to Master users
  • Required Fields setting does not alert always
  • Incorrect sort on Date column for Extended Details
  • Merged document has different format for Phone1 and FAX fields
  • When replying to plain text emails, HTML formatting is set if using original text in reply
  • Tempdb is not used when running reports, so users require more rights than needed in previous versions
  • When replying with original message, the whole original message is not included if it contains “<< >>”
  • When entering F2 lookup, // is required when creating non-displayed descriptive info but list shows the descriptive info in parentheses.
  • Clicking header to sort Activated and Previewed filter in Contact Search Center releases filter but doesn’t change tab text
  • Selecting Relate to when creating a New Record will not add an relationship tree to existing record if one does not already exist
  • E-mail fields [subject, date, linked to] intermittently disappear when scrolling through inbox
  • Using an e-mail template to reply doesn’t allow quoting original message with ‘>>’ symbol
  • User preference for ‘Show numerics aligned to the right’ does not stick for non-master users
  • calendar displays closed amount of a forecasted sale on all completed activities
  • E-mail message body is lost after closing error message regarding digital certificate
  • when creating a opportunity after editing one the opportunity always defaults to the first if you edited
  • Completion of a Literature request is based on the Assigned To field, not on who completes the literature request
  • Relationship tab does not refresh properly when expanding a section
  • Import from Outlook does not bring Notes over correctly
  • When editing a follow-up activity that did not have Send a request selected but this option was selected on original activity, Send a Meeting Request Update is checked
  • Delete key does not work when trying to remove attachment from outgoing e-mail
  • Reports Center does not display preview of report if HTML_CAL_NOTES=0 is set
  • Cannot copy/paste e-mail headers
  • When scrolling between cases, the notes from the last case are displayed
  • User name is incorrect on the History tab in a Case when the user name starts with a “K”
  • Contact record focus changes after filing message with Sync Contact enabled
  • Activity List displays wrong entries after automatically releasing an active contact filter
  • If e-mail address is set as required data entry, user is prompted to fill in all required fields when creating a new record with an e-mail address
  • &nameaddress macro in GoldMine Plus for Word puts a comma after the State
  • HTML_CAL_NOTES=0 setting causes pending and completed activity notes to suppress blank lines
  • When editing a History record you cannot click the New button to create a new opportunity
  • Add ClearTLogByDelFilter setting to optimize sync performance with deletion filter
  • When pasting text, an extra carriage return is added to the e-mail body
  • Cannot drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to Details/Links tab of Opportunity
  • When using a rich-text e-mail as a default reply template, the font always defaults to Times New Roman
  • GoldMine installer does not alert user that Windows 2000 is incompatible
  • Address macros that include City, State, ZIP have an extra comma
  • Expanded details labels are incorrect when selecting the Setup or Info tab for the detail
  • After closing e-mail message tab, focus shifts to the E-mail Center folder tree and not the e-mail message list
  • The Copy Current Record box adds data to new record even though it has been removed from the dialog box before the record is created
  • Relationship tab does not refresh automatically after adding a new record to a company.
  • Some e-mails with embedded images are not linked from Outlook
  • Days are shown as bold in calendar when containing activities that are removed from display
  • Contacts under Company are not sorted alphabetically in Contact Search Center
  • Schedule Follow-up does not carry over time and duration when completing activity via Pending tab or Activity List
  • Opportunity creation with Wizard should be consistent with creation without Wizard related to Product field.
  • Column order from ‘Column Selection’ dialog is not respected by Contact List grid
  • Context-dependent lookup setting is not retained if lookup is used in several areas of GoldMine
  • ‘Assertion failed’ error creating transfer set with serialized sync disabled
  • List Existing Data option does not apply to all screens
  • Deleting an activity is slow when using Activity List with Sync Contact option
  • ADO errors recorded during sync processing
  • When completing activities, user can bypass Force Valid Input setting by canceling the entry and clicking on a different field
  • “Daily – DayTimer (detailed)” Fixed page layout creates duplicate entries on the report
  • Copy current record option does not recognized blank edits
  • Activating a Relationship tree at root only activates section containing current contact, unless all sections have been expanded
  • After upgrade some e-mail addresses do not appear next to hyperlink on contact record view
  • Incorrect times posted for activities falling after time-change
  • Error sending read receipt message in response to message created in Outlook
  • Relationship tree couldn’t be found if it was created for contact with empty Company field
  • Inbox tree is collapsed when Deleted folder is selected
  • Clicking on a date in My Calendar pane may navigate to wrong dates on Weekly view after the 28th of the month
  • User must reselect e-mail address when sending message to additional contact from the Influencers tab
  • Field label length is not respected when limited in layout tab of field properties
  • Merge tagged records does not keep first record tagged if subsequent tagged records are above the first record in the contact search center
  • Log Away feature does not support passwords over 11 characters
  • When selecting Users’ Security in GoldSync site group, some override options are unavailable
  • Improper spacing before Country when applying &FullAddress macro
  • Adding contacts to a Relationships tab with an activated filter does not add all records in the filter
  • Last field populates with data from current record when creating New Record with Copy current record option and no Contact name entered
  • When editing from the Contact List view, edits to user-defined fields are not reflected in the Contact List until the user clicks the refresh button
  • Status number of contacts when sorting a group exceeds the total number of contacts in the group
  • Deleting system fields from Wide View can interfere with search functions
  • PHP file from WebImport script generator is programmed incorrectly
  • Cannot refresh results in Contact Search Center
  • Ctrl + A to select All in the mail folder no longer works
  • Users who cannot schedule a forecast sale can still create a sale against an opportunity
  • Request a return receipt option is not respected when applied in a default template
  • Inbound e-mail shows wrong activity type when viewed in Case History tab
  • Notes duplicated with sync after upgrade
  • Preference to set alarms by default is not respected when reassigning or escalating cases
  • User is prompted three times when using Word document with FILLIN prompt
  • GoldMine not listed as available mail program for mailto protocol on Vista
  • Detail header records in the CONTSUPP table (rectype = ‘H’) have some blank or null field values after moving record to new database
  • .docx preview is not displayed in lower right pane of Document Management Center
  • Output To: >> Word function fails when using a localized version of Word
  • Crystal Reports ODBC data source limited to SQL Server type, not SQL Native Client
  • Completing an activity for one user while logged in as a different user displays the name of the original GoldMine user
  • Process monitor logs appear under the GoldSync site logs in the GoldSync Admin Center
  • <<cursor>> field is lost after editing existing document template
  • Ability to select a group or filter of contacts to add to an existing campaign
  • Cannot create an email rule that applies to case escalation messages
  • custom details field are being truncated
  • Notify via E-mail option does not support external e-mail clients such as smartphones
  • Relationship Tree folders are limited to 68 on root level
  • Peg Board does not show current data
  • Date field does not function correctly when using new default Record Type
  • Cannot drag and drop sections of Relationship Tree
  • Peg Board column width is not adjustable
  • Web Site is not copied when using Copy Current Record option
  • User notifications for scheduled activities are not delivered to external e-mail clients
  • Output To Printer Option is grayed out in Activity List for Non-Master users.
  • When editing an existing document in the Document Management Center, carriage returns are double spaced
  • Nothing returned with &AdditionalContact macro
  • Incorrect name displayed on Opportunity related to an Additional Contact


Hope you find this of value!
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