Personalizing Public Templates

That sounds like an oxy-moron right?  How can you possibly make a template that can be used by everyone, “public”,   yet personalize it for the individual user?  Simpleā€¦Merge Codes and “User Variables”.  In a previous post we showed you how merge codes worked.  Merge codes such as <<&firstname>> can let you personalize the e-mail to a client. But how do you personalize it for the user?  You create the public template with the standard content, and then add the personalized merge codes similar to this:


So, where do you get those codes?  The <<&userfullname>> is built-in.  GoldMine pulls it from the Full Name field in the logged in users preferences.  The other fields are entirely custom and you can name them anything you want… as long as they start with &user_var. that is.  You create them yourself in the user.ini file.



You will likely have to create your own [user_var] section, but that’s all there is to it.  Create any variable you need and use it anywhere in the template you’d like.


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