Tracking eMarketing “Inside” of GoldMine

So now you know how to create e-mail templates, add logos and other images as HTML references, and create full-blown HTML based e-mails.  Hopefully you have already started to use these tools to reach your customers and prospects.  But now what?  How do you track your efforts?  Industry tools such as Constant Contact and iContact provide you with open and click-through statistics, but no easy way to tie them back into GoldMine.

  • Would you like to not only see your outgoing e-mail in GoldMine but also who opened it and when?
  • Is it of value to you to know who downloaded the PDF file or clicked through to your website?
  • How much more could you learn from knowing where on your website they went or how long they were there?
  • What if someone could click a button on your e-mail that would schedule a call in your GoldMine calendar?
  • Would your sales team benefit from receiving “immediate” notification regarding a prospect interest?

All this and “much more” is available through IntelliClick Software.

  • GoldMine Integration
  • Open Tracking
  • Web Navigation Tracking
  • Built-in HTML Editor and Templates
  • One-Click Literature Fullfillment
  • One-Click Event Registration
  • Bounce Management
  • Instant Notification
  • Tracking Reports

Includes a Multi-Step Wizard



Provides Tracking Inside of GoldMine


All New “Built-In” HTML Editor & Templates



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