Tell me why I should upgrade

This topic seems to come up at least every other day.  For those of you who have worked with us at 180° Solutions, you know we don’t believe in answering that by simply bragging about the new features, functions, bells, and whistles.  Enhancements in a new version are only part of the reason.  Here are the 4 general questions to ask when considering ANY upgrade, even when the upgrade is FREE:

  1. Does the new version have SOMETHING NEW ADDED that will make it worth the cost of upgrading?  (consider the indirect costs)
  2. Does the new version FIX SOMETHING that is affecting our use of the product, and is eliminating that issue worth the cost of upgrading?
  3. Do I want/need to upgrade my workstation(s), server(s), Office versions, etc, and does my current version support that change?
  4. Am I falling too far behind, (1-2 years or versions) or is my current version unsupported or being discontinued?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these general questions, then you are likely well under way establishing the need to upgrade.  If you answered NO to all the questions, then you are likely better off staying on the version you are using.  Remember, there is no need to chase technology… it’s all about the business need!



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