More on wMobile 2.1

I know we have already announced it and offered a webinar, but for those of you that want to see the detail, here it is.


    • A brand new desktop browser user interface for those of you who want a full web based version of GoldMine for you Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Apple Safari browsers.
    • Note: This user interface is built on GoldMine Premium and requires customers to have GoldMine Premium (any version) as their current GoldMine system.
    • Automated Email Filing to Contacts so you can use any email client to send and receive mail.
    • Enhancements to wMobile interface
    • Support for multiple contact sets
    • Filter based security
    • iPhone and iPad enhancements
    • Improved installer and New Diagnostic Tool


    • Users see the same contact record as they see in the full GoldMine application.
    • All custom fields are automatically displayed in the browser user interface.
    • Contact detail tabs behave as in the full GoldMine application.
    • All field drop-down options are supported.
    • Scheduling and completing activities is done in the same screen layout as the full GoldMine application.
    • Daily, weekly, and Monthly calendars are available.
    • Users can drag and drop to reschedule activities.
    • Users can view others’ calendars and schedule according to security permissions.

New Email Archiving

    • wMobile will optionally cache and automatically file any user’s sent and received email directly to contact History.
    • Supports Microsoft Exchange, Google and any IMAP compliant mail server.
    • Users can use any mail client including native mobile phone email client and web mail such as Outlook web access and Gmail.
    • wMobile matches “sent from” or “sent to” email addresses to GoldMine contact records.


Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
wMobile Release Notes


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!




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