Configuring GoldMine to use GMail

So, you use GoldMine for your e-mail but also have a GMail account and would prefer not to have to look in 2 places?  If you are using GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.5 or greater or GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 or greater, you’re in luck.  GoldMine can be configured to retrieve and even send e-mail through GMail.  (*Running an older version of GoldMine, skip to the end for additional information.)

1.  Tools | Options  (CE customer Edit | Preferences)
2.  E-Mail tab

Assuming this is a 2nd account…

3.  Accounts… button
4.  New button

And your screen will look similar to this:
Configuring GoldMine to use GMail_01
Note that we changed the Port for both POP and SMTP, we are using SSL for POP and Start TLS for SMTP.

Finally, you will need to Enable POP in GMail.  Instead of retyping all those instructions, here, follow this link and Google will show you how:

*If running an older version of GoldMine, you are not totally out of luck.  Their is a solution we can recommend called Stunnel that can simulate SSL encryption.  Feel free to contact us for more information.


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!




  1. Al – I thought that GM recently added support for IMAP mail servers. This would seem to be far preferable to using a POP interface for interacting with GMail. Have you played with that at all?

  2. Yes, GoldMine did recently add IMAP support.  However, I have not tried that with GMail myself.  Additionally, all versions of GoldMine use POP so the post works for ALL GoldMine users.  LMK if you end up trying it though. 

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