Reducing the Contact Search Center Lookup List

With the introduction of GoldMine Premium Edition, FrontRange Solutions gave us a more powerful, easier-to-use tool for finding our data.  Whereas we used to only be able to search records using about 12 indexed fields, we can now search on ANY field in our database.  However, this drop-down list can get rather long if we have many user-defined fields.  For some customers, many of those fields do not need to be available from the pull-down menu list.  Starting in PE 9.0.0, we can now reduce the list to only show items we want available.  Here’s how to do so.

  1. Open the Contact Search Center window.
  2. Click on the Options button near the top of that window.Reducing_the_CSS_Lookup_List_01
  3. Click the More Options… button near the bottom of the dialog box.Reducing_the_CSS_Lookup_List_02
    In the More Options screen you can now select or deselect any of your fields from the lookup list.Reducing_the_CSS_Lookup_List_03

4.  Once you are done, click on OK and your list should now be reduced.

Note 1:  This selection is user specific and other users will need to follow the same steps to adjust their list.
Note 2:  Removing the item from the list will not prevent you from being able to double-click the field and search so don’t worry about locking it down too much.


That’s all there is to it.
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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