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Though released in late April, 180° Solutions is now ready to endorse GoldMine Premium Edition  If you have worked with us for a while, you will start to recognize several of our well-used mantras.  One of those is “there is no reason to chase technology”.  The spirit behind that one is, just because a new version/build is out, that doesn’t mean everyone should hurry up and upgrade to it.

We have now been running it in production for almost 5 weeks and we have helped several customers install/upgrade this latest release as well.  So far everything looks great.  Want to learn more about this in this new release?  Here ya go:

  • GoldMine Premium Edition now supports GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.
  • A new Messaging tab appears in the user options screen when a GoldMine Mobile license is added to the License Manager.  The Messaging tab enables users to receive alarms for upcoming activities on their mobile devices as SMS messages.  For more information, please review the GoldMine Mobile Edition Installation and User Guide.  The Pager tab that appeared in previous releases is no longer displayed.



  • GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook now includes an option to file Outlook e-mail messages in a specified GoldMine folder.  To use this option, go to Setup GoldMine Plus > Options and select the “As a completed activity in the filed e-mail folder” button and uncheck the “Fast File” option.  If an e-mail message is instead linked as a pending activity, there will be a new File button active on the GoldMine pane in Outlook, enabling the message to be filed on demand.
  • To improve performance in the GoldMine E-mail editor, the “Regarding:” drop-down list (where the user can select an opportunity, project, or case) will only show 50 items related to the current contact.  If a larger list is necessary, the following entry can be added to the gm.ini file:
        MaxRegardingListSize=n  (where n is the desired list size)
  • To support environments where there is no C:\ drive available, GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook now has a setting that enables an administrator to choose where system log files are created.  If an alternate location is needed, add an entry to the gm.ini in the following format:
  • The checkboxes used to set up automatic synchronization with Outlook have been modified to clarify their behavior.  To use automatic synchronization with Outlook, go to Tools > Synchronize > Synchronize with Outlook and check “Automatically synchronize with Outlook”.  In addition, there is a secondary option, available at Tools > Configure > Outlook Integration Settings > Synchronization, which enables the synchronization schedule to be activated when Outlook is opened.  This option is now labeled “Use automatic synchronization when Outlook is open” and now can be enabled only if “Automatically synchronize with Outlook” is checked.


  • E-mails sent via Merge process display merge codes instead of contact data
  • E-mails sent via Automated Process with Merge For option set to Record Owner or Selected User will send from logged-in user instead of designated user
  • E-mails sent via Automated Process display merge codes instead of contact data
  • Non-master users can view and edit other’s private activities from the graphical calendar


  • Slow response when using “Name (additional)” search in Contact Search Center
  • Checking one online e-mail account and switching to another online account in Windows7 causes application error
  • Selected filter is not respected when syncing contacts with Outlook
  • Performance issue in Outlook integration when a lot of users are defined
  • Updates on time of activities do not synchronize from GoldMine to Outlook for contact records created via Outlook integration
  • Moving a recurring activity in GoldMine, either the first occurrence or last occurrence deleted.
  • E-mail attachments linked to GoldMine via Outlook will not sync from remote site
  • Option to start sync when starting Outlook does not work with Outlook 2010
  • When changes are made in Outlook to contacts created in GoldMine and synced to Outlook, the changes are immediately seen in the GoldMine contact record with no option to Send contact data to GoldMine selected.
  • On second sync, lookup.ini is sent from remote to server thus overwrites the file on the server
  • Inconsistent sync of lookup.ini file
  • Rollup doesn’t work for Opportunities and Projects
  • Performance issues when linking emails from Outlook to GoldMine
  • Validation errors appear after erasing Target Close and Actual Close dates for opportunity
  • Add to Contact Group in Search Center will add all contact records to the Group, if search result set is larger than max record setting, and user has paged down to load additional records
  • Changes to Amount / Units when completing one instance of a recurring Forecasted Sale are not retained
  • Clicking on e-mails with a null From: address causes Outlook to hang for 4 seconds, then not link the e-mail
  • Default table of a GoldMine system will be overwritten when a user enters the table name when creating a new Leads Analysis table
  • Updating a pending activity does not update the corresponding field in the contact summary tab
  • Unlinked activity doesn’t appear on user’s calendar after editing the unlinked activity to add the specific user to the unlinked activity
  • Inconsistency between the queries that are run, depending on which search box you use
  • Bad data in transfer set causes sync retrieval to fail with unclear error message
  • Roll-Over Activities will roll over to the next day for all recurring activities
  • Screen divider between contact information and tabs will not change and remains static
  • Universal Search – GO button disabled for non-master user
  • Zip code reverts back to original selection after selecting another city or reverts to the first city
  • Linking an Outlook e-mail before sending will cause a blank e-mail to display in Outlook Outbox
  • Outlook navigation pane customizations are not retained after closing Outlook
  • Slow performance when handling e-mails at a contact with a lots of opportunities for that contact
  • E-mail sent through Automated Process is always sent from logged-in user’s account and with history created for logged-in user
  • Cannot use CTRL+V to paste data within web pages in GM+View tab
  • Word documents merged from protected templates are blank after being linked to a contact record
  • Notes not correctly converted into Notes tab when swapping additional contact
  • Taskbar toolbar reappears on next GoldMine start after it was removed from Toolbar using customize feature

Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
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Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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