Creating “Filters on the Fly”

If you have ever created filters using GoldMine Standard or Corporate, you know it can sometimes be a bit cumbersome to do so.  Although that same interface is available in GoldMine Premium, most day-to-day filters can be created right in the Contact Search Center.  What makes that Contact Search Center better?

  • Dynamically see the results of your filter
  • Easily add or change your search criteria (no need to recreate the filter from scratch)
  • Add/Remove Columns to your view
  • Easily export your results to Excel, Word, Clipboard, or Printer
  • Quickly perform activities/actions using your query results
  • And more…

Now let’s walk through how to use the Contact Search Center to create our “Filters on the Fly”:

  1. Open the Contact Search Center by any method you prefer (click the Search button on your toolbar, double-click a field label, etc.)
  2. Select your first field from the Search by drop-down list.
  3. The Operator will likely default to “Begins with”, change it if needed.
  4. Type the value of your search.
  5. Now here’s where it gets powerful… click the Add button (the plus symbol circled in the image below) located at the far right of the Search by menu.
  6. Select the AND or the OR option as needed.
  7. Select the field, operator, and value for this second row.
  8. Repeat steps 5 -8 as many times as necessary to create your filter.

Example using the AND option:Creating_Filters_on_the_Fly_01

Example using the OR option:Creating_Filters_on_the_Fly_02

Note that the minus button will allow you to remove rows as well.


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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