Using ‘Dummy’ Accounts in GoldMine

With GoldMine’s concurrent licensing model, the number of names in the user’s table is not limited to the number of licenses a company owns.  As a result, GoldMine gives us the ability to create ‘Dummy’ or ‘Role-Based’ accounts that aren’t used for day-to-day user access.

These user accounts can be used for Vacation Calendars, Trade Show Events, or my favorite, E-Mail Marketing.  For many of our customers, we recommend creating an E-Mail Marketing User for sending out the broadcast blasts.  Something like ZMARKET is a good one to consider.Using_Dummy_Accounts_In_GoldMine_01

Here are a few good reasons to use a role-based account?

  1. History Grouping/Filtering – Now when you are looking at the GoldMine history tab of a contact record, you can easily differentiate transactional e-mails from marketing e-mails.
  2. Reporting – When looking at activity reports, the data isn’t skewed by the occasional high-volume blasts.
  3. SMTP Credentials – You can set up the user to use a service instead of your own standard SMTP server.  Services allow for higher volume and less risk to your reputation.
  4. Multi-tasking – I like launching a separate Remote Desktop session, logging into GoldMine as the dummy user, and starting the merge from there.  While that’s merging and sending, I can get back to work in my own GoldMine.


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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