Roll-over in the Activity List

Our last post brought to light the Options menu in the Activity List. The most noted one was the Roll-over option. In the same housekeeping spirit of Auto-Update, Roll-over allows you to work with a group of activities all at once. In this case, the ability to Roll-over activities from one user to another and/or from one date to another.

  1. Open the Activities List (Go To | Activities).
  2. Use the Show and the User menu as needed.Auto-Update_in_the_Activity_List_01
  3. Select the Open Activities folder or any appropriate sub-folder as needed.Auto-Update_in_the_Activity_List_02
  4. Continue to make adjustments until the ONLY records showing are the ones you want to take action on.
  5. Right-click | Options | Roll-over…Roll-Over_in_the_Activity_List_01
  6. The “Roll over ALL displayed activities” window will appear. You can now roll over to a different user and/or a specific date or number of days.Roll-Over_in_the_Activity_List_02


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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