Quick Snapshot – GoldMine Contact History Analysis

Have you ever just needed a quick snapshot of how hard you and your team have worked on a particular contact?  Reports and Dashboards are usually designed to give you the big picture, but what if you’re just looking for contact specific effort?  Well there’s a little gold nugget that is easily forgotten or often overlooked, the Contact Record Statistics report.

Find a prospect in your database you’ve been working for some time, or maybe an existing customer you have a new relationship with.  Any record with some history will do.  For my example, I chose a record with a fair amount of history.

  1. Click on the History tab
  2. Right-click anywhere inside the tab
  3. Select Options | Analyze…

This will show you the Contact Record Statistics report.GoldMine_Contact_History_Analysis_01

Note that this report will only look at the number of history records defined in the Right-Click | Options | Maximum number of records shown setting.


That’s all there is to it!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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