Simple Duplicate Checking

Duplicate Checking, when done right, can be a rather complicated process. What makes it complicated is determining what is truly a duplicate, and in some cases, determining how much weight to give to a computer generated “match”. GoldMine has a built-in Merge/Purge wizard, GoldBox has some powerful features, MasterMine has some techniques to prepare the data, and so on. However, there is a simple way to locate duplicates that may be enough, or if not, can at least get you started.

You can access the SQL Query window within GoldMine by selecting Tools | SQL Query.

If you want to search for duplicates based on the name of the contact, try this query:

SELECT count (*), contact
FROM contact1
GROUP BY contact

The number in the first column tells you how many of each were found.

Want to search for records with the same phone number, replace the contact field with phone1, like so:

SELECT count (*), phone1
FROM contact1
GROUP BY phone1
HAVING COUNT(phone1)>1

Want to search by more than 1 field? For example, if both contact AND phone1 match, then we want to consider that a possible duplicate.

SELECT count (*), contact, phone1
FROM contact1
GROUP BY contact, phone1

Mix it up as much as you need to, even use more fields if applicable, just watch your punctuation!


That’s all there is to it!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!


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