Introducing GMPE 9.0.1


GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit version). 

GoldMine now can access Windows certificate stores to authenticate digitally signed e-mail messages.  This option is available via Tools | Options | E-Mail tab | More Options… button | Security tab | Digital ID(s)… button | Trusted Certificate Authorities… tab | Import… button.

Users can now minimize the details pane that shows fields in the Opportunity Manager, Project Manager, and Service Center.


  • Error message appears when opening Outlook calendar if forecasted sales are displayed in Outlook, and there is a forecasted sale related to a contact with a null value in contact field
  • GoldMine toolbar does not appear in Outlook when using Terminal Services
  • Outlook sync profile does not retain contact group setting if the contact group has a RecID value ending in a space
  • When synchronizing with Outlook using a contact group or filter, other users’ linked recurring activities are synchronized to Outlook
  • Paging of contact records in the Contact Search Center can cause entire database to be selected for different workflow operations
  • Memory leak in Outlook.exe process
  • Performance issues in Outlook add-in
  • AddinExpress error message appears in Outlook
  • Object Reference error when reading GoldMine settings from Outlook
  • Object reference error in Outlook when no record types are set up in GoldMine
  • GoldMine creates Accountno values with less than 20 characters when the contact name is abbreviated as first initial with a dot
  • When sorting opportunities by actual close date, the sort is not chronological
  • Activities synchronized from Outlook produce one alarm per attendee in GoldMine
  • When editing an activity, the Opportunity/Project selection is not available if the Accountno for the corresponding contact contains less than 20 characters
  • E-mail filed on the remote is not filed on the server after sync
  • When entering an address for additional contacts, the Zip field does not auto-complete as expected


  • Error message when opening Outlook folder from GoldMine E-mail Center on Windows 7
  • Cannot add note from Outlook when using non-US regional settings
  • ADO Error shown in Event Viewer after deleting e-mail message and synchronizing
  • When multiple calendar tabs are open with activities selected, the contact record tab may oscillate between contacts
  • Mail Merge fails when using a template that is active in preview pane in Links tab
  • Localized characters corrupted when using Quote text on Plain text emails
  • Non-master users cannot see closed opportunities managed by other users on the contact record’s Opportunity tab
  • Application error when retrieving transfer set with change to field label shown on active primary fields view while Contact Search Center is open
  • Contact record focus changes when sync session ends
  • Intermittent application errors when user retrieves meeting request
  • Misspelling in Dashboard: ‘defenition’ instead of ‘definition’
  • Dialog text does not indicate that you can enter a company name when searching for a contact to link an Outlook e-mail
  • Exception when saving GoldMine settings in Outlook
  • When creating a forecasted sale, the product field is truncated to 20 Characters
  • Line breaks are doubled in e-mails linked from Outlook on Windows 7
  • Cannot use custom field labels in Opportunity Manager
  • Report does not return results when using active contact filter and contact set is not the main one for the database
  • Forecast Dashboard produces error when Windows regional settings are set to use comma as decimal symbol and period as digit grouping symbol
  • Outlook sync does not automatically restart when GoldMine is launched and Outlook sync has been running in silent mode even with Automatically synchronize with Outlook option turned on
  • Database operation error occurs after changing an option and selecting (All Users) in Outlook Integration Settings
  • Stop Timer action causes timer to be removed from status bar
  • Linking via Outlook corrupts special characters when e-mail uses UTF-8 encoding
  • Auto-linking does not work for e-mails received into non-default Outlook inbox on Vista
  • Universal Search for e-mail does not return correct results in Windows 7
  • After scheduling an activity with a primary contact, edit to replace the primary contact with an additional contact is not saved
  • Send E-mail option in Additional Contacts tab opens GoldMine compose window even if Outlook is the default e-mail client
  • E-mail link produces two prompts for an e-mail address when there are multiple e-mail addresses related to the contact and Outlook is used for linked e-mail addresses in GoldMine
  • Error message is generated after clicking on New >> Opportunity or New >> Project in E-mail message window without manually linking a contact
  • Opportunities in which contact is a team member are unavailable for linking from Outlook
  • Up/Down buttons are missing in Column Selection tab of Select Browser Columns window in Contact Search Center
  • Macro data is not merged when applying an e-mail template in Outlook
  • Performance issue when selecting a Recently Viewed contact with a lot of history or pending activities
  • Application error when closing GoldMine with Script tab open in tabbed view or in custom view
  • When using Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services, GoldMine may hang when user scrolls rapidly through e-mail messages with images
  • Contact2 macro within e-mail template displays the macro when field data is unavailable
  • Comodo Digital Signature not valid in GoldMine
  • Sporadic application errors when sending e-mails
  • Cannot change the label display for user-defined fields in Opportunities
  • From: e-mail address is truncated when replying to an e-mail sent from Outlook with Exchange 2007
  • Error when using Lookup Wizard for query based on field value and history in selected date range
  • Removing a user from one group may cause it to be removed from other user groups
  • Internal GoldMine e-mails are not visible in E-mail Center until Refresh button is pressed
  • When opportunity manager is not open, clicking on the opportunity link from Regarding column in task folder in activity list navigates to wrong opportunity
  • Error message when attempting to open e-mails from the online folder after disconnecting from server
  • Google Analytics scripts cause error when an e-mail containing them is viewed in the History tab with the preview pane open
  • Converting additional contact does not carry over the additional contact’s notes
  • Private activates are not indicated on Free/Busy tab for non-master users
  • Auto link of an Excel .xls template will link the template, not the merged document
  • After changes are made to the System tab in user options, notes are set to use plain text
  • “Assertion Failed” message appears sporadically when using GoldMine E-mail center
  • Intermittent application error when forwarding e-mail message
  • E-mail preview stops working when headers are downloading and user toggles between inbox and online
  • Can’t right-click and ‘file to’ a custom filed folder in the E-mail center if there are 51+ folders
  • When GoldMine is open on the links tab, and an Excel file is in the preview, user is unable to open Excel document
  • Pressing a key while viewing Inbox does not take you to section of messages beginning with associated key
  • JavaScript in E-mail causes GoldMine to hang when viewing the History tab with the preview window active
  • ‘Remember lookup by’ option does not retain ‘contact (primary and additional)’ selection after closing contact search center
  • Workstation still launches previous version of GoldMine after upgrade process is canceled
  • Change of E-mail list and Preview splitter is not retained after navigating away from E-mail Center
  • Pressing a key while viewing Inbox does not take you to section of messages beginning with associated key
  • Activity list focus does not move to the next item in list after completing an activity
  • Getting a Digital Signature Verification Failure from military sender
  • Keyboard shortcut to search for sender does not work in the E-mail Center
  • E-mails sent from Newfoundland are being received 2.5 hours earlier in the GoldMine E-mail Center

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