Using Social Media Icons in E-Mails

With the rise in Social Media Marketing, many of my customers have been asking about the best way to add those icons to their GoldMine e-mail signature templates.  Having seen a rising use of “attaching” of icons, we figured it was time to show the best way to add icons the right way.  Who wants to keep getting e-mails with a half-dozen attachments per e-mail??

First, let’s start with the basics.  First, how to create GoldMine E-Mail Templates… we already have a blog post on how to do that:
Using E-Mail Templates

Second, how to insert HTML images in E-Mail Templates:
HTML Images in E-Mail Templates

With that foundation, here’s how to take that skill and apply it to Social Media Icons.

  1. Find your icons.  A Google Search for “linkedin icon for email” will give you a whole page of images.  Just find your favorite.  Make sure it’s the right size.Using_Social_Media_Icons_in_Emails_01
  2. Save the image to your PC and e-mail it off to your web team, requesting they e-mail you back a link to that image on your website.  This should be a rather common request and they should know what to do.
  3. Once you get the link back, going back to the HTML Images in E-mail Templates blog post, use that link to insert the icon in your e-mail template.
  4. Now log into your Social Media account and copy the link address to your page so recipients can simply click on the icon and get taken to your page.Using_Social_Media_Icons_in_Emails_02
  5. Go back to your e-mail template in GoldMine, right-click on the icon and click the “Insert Hyperlink” button, and paste in the address.Using_Social_Media_Icons_in_Emails_03
  6. Now repeat for all the other icons as needed.
  7. Last but not least, test, test, and test before going live with the new template.

Lastly, if don’t know how to use it as a default signature file in GoldMine for all your new e-mails? Well, we have that one too:
Setting Up Different E-Mail Templates


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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