Using Constant Contact with GoldMine – Part 2

If you missed our previous post regarding the GoldMine Constant Contact Integration, just follow this link to catch up.

Using Constant Contact with GoldMine – Part 1

However, this post assumes you have completed the following:

  1. Created the Dummy/Marketing Account (optional).
  2. Logged into GoldMine as the appropriate user.
  3. Configured GoldMine with your Constant Contact credentials.
  4. Downloaded your past Campaigns (if applicable)

Now let’s get to know the GoldMine Constant Contact Campaign Module.  Logged into the configuration, your Configure button is now a Logout button, and to the right Logout button are two buttons and a pull-down menu.Using_Constant_Contact_with_GoldMine_03

The Download Activity button allows you to ‘real-time’ download the campaign detail and update the GoldMine history for the selected campaign.

The Refresh Campaigns List button synchronizes the campaign list in Constant Contact with GoldMine.

The Show pull-down menu allows you to select the last x-number of campaigns to display in order of most recent.

The next step is to Export a list of GoldMine contact records to upload to Constant Contact.  If your list isn’t too large, we recommend using the Contact Search Center and its ability to “Output To” in order to get your contact list into Excel.  If you missed that blog post, here’s the link to that lesson:

Simple Exporting Using Output To

In most cases all you need is Contact name and E-Mail address.  However, if you want to merge other field data, you will want to include those columns too.  Don’t worry about exporting too many columns as you can either remove those in Excel or simply ask Constant Contact to ignore them.

If you want to export only those with E-Mail Addresses, simply use the Filter Grid Controls to reduce your list.

GoldMine Grid Controls

If you want a casual salutation such as “Dear Bill” in your e-mail template, you can either parse the Contact field in Excel or create a First Name field in your GoldMine database.  We don’t have that lesson written yet, but can help you set that up if you’d like.

Once you have your list, log into Constant Contact via your web browser to upload the spreadsheet.  Your specific GoldMine contact list is now ready to use.


Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!



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