What Are “Other” Contacts?

So you’re sending e-mail broadcasts using GoldMine and you notice there is a contact selection called “Other”.  And so you wonder, what could “Other” possibly mean?  Well, answering that question is what this post is all about.  What_Are_Other_Contacts_01
You may or may not already know that GoldMine will allow you to store an unlimited number of e-mail addresses per contact record.  Your primary contact can have an e-mail address.  Your additional contacts can have an e-mail address.  But every contact, primary or additional can also have more than 1 e-mail address they may use.  Those extra addresses are called “Other” addresses.  In the example below, John has a 2nd Gmail address.  If I select Primary and Additional, John’s e-mail address would not be included.  Selecting “Other” as well, allows John’s Gmail address to be included in my broadcast.What_Are_Other_Contacts_02
That’s all there is to it!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!

P.S. If you aren’t fully up to speed with using GoldMine for e-mail broadcasting but want to, I would encourage you to read some of our previous posts.

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